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Michelle Vallejo for Congress

Local organizations and leaders are standing together!

Photo of <p>Emily's List</p>

Emily's List

Photo of <p>Bold Democrats</p>

Bold Democrats

Photo of <p>Wendy Davis</p>

Wendy Davis

Former TX Senator

Photo of <p>Rep. Veronica Escobar</p>

Rep. Veronica Escobar


Photo of <p>Rep. Joaquin Castro</p>

Rep. Joaquin Castro


Photo of <p>Rep. Sylvia Garcia</p>

Rep. Sylvia Garcia


Photo of <p>Rep. Colin Allred</p>

Rep. Colin Allred

TX-32 Congressman
& US Senate Candidate 

Photo of <p>Rep. Lloyd Doggett</p>

Rep. Lloyd Doggett


Photo of <p>Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez</p>

Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez


Photo of <p>Rep. Norma Torres</p>

Rep. Norma Torres


Photo of <p>Mayor Isidro Casonova</p>

Mayor Isidro Casonova

City of La Jolla

Photo of <p>Mayor Yvette Cabrera</p>

Mayor Yvette Cabrera

City of Granjeno

Photo of <p>Mayor Diana Martinez</p>

Mayor Diana Martinez

City of Alamo

Photo of <p>Voter Protection Project</p>

Voter Protection Project

Photo of <p>Elect Democratic Women</p>

Elect Democratic Women